Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini vs HTC One Mini vs iPhone 5

Even thouh today, the smartphone screens and overall sizes are gorwing, turning them more into phablets, there are still people who like their smartphone to fit comfortably in their hand or pocket. Big brand names have heard what the people want, and delivered “Mini” versions of their glagship devices. Be sure to check the article below if you are a fan of smaller displays. Be aware thoug, that the specification and feature lists might be a little out-dated.


The HTC One Mini is the biggest of the bunch, wit the device measuring  5.2 x 2.49 x 0.36, and weighing 270 ounces.  On second position  when it comes to size, but also the lightest device, the Galaxy S4 Mini measures 4.91 x 2.41 x 0.35  and weighs 240 ounces. The third device, the iPhone 5, measures 4.87 x 2.31 x 0.3 and weighs 250 ounces.


The display on the HTC ONE Mini is the best out of the three, with higher resolution and ppi than the other two devices. With a 1280 x 728 resolution, and a 341 ppi pixel density, all withinn the 4.3 inch display.

The iPhone 5 has specifications that would secure second position, although it has the smallest screen, out of the three. It has a 1136 x 640 resolution, with 326 ppi. The technology used for this device is IPS/LCD.

Last place, the Galaxy S4 Mini just isn’t as good as its competitors, with a 60 x 540  maximum resolution, and a pixel density of  326 pixels.

CPU, RAM and Memory

Even though the Galaxy S4 Mini trailed at the display comparison, it’s redeeming himself by having the best processing capabilities . Its 1.7 GHz Snapdragon 400 processor is better than both the 1.4 GHz processor of the HTC One Mini, and also the 1 GB included by the A6 chip, in Samsung devices.

The Galaxy S4 Mini has 1.5 GHz of memory, 500 MB more than what its competitors both have, namely 1 GB for the Apple product and 1 GB of memory for the HTC device.

In terms of internal memory, the Apple iPhone 5 has the advantage, offering variants with 16, 32 or 64 GB of internal storage space, while the Galaxy S4 Mini comes with 8 GB, and the HTC One Mini comes with 16 GB. The Galaxy S4 Mini, however, is the only one that supports micro SD cards. So even though it only has 8 GB of internal space originally, it can be granted another 64 GB.


The Cameras

Once again, the Galaxy S4 Mini is the victor, this time for the front facing camera. It has a 1.9 MP camera, which is considerably good. The HTC One Mini has 1.6 MP , while the iPhone has only 1.2 MP. In terms of rear cameras, the HTC One Mini has the 4 ultrapixel shooter that can be also found on the regular HTC One, while both Galaxy S4 Mini and the iPhone 5 have 8 MP each.

HTC One Mini

Battery and Operating System

Another category, another win for the Galaxy S4 Mini, as its battery has a capacity of 1900 mAh. Second in line is the HTC One Mini, with 1800 mAh, and the iPhone is last, with only 1440 mAh. The iPhone comes with iOS, as it would be expected, and the other two devices come with support for Android JellyBean, and also an added layer on top, represented by the manufacturer’s personal UI ( TouchWiz for Samsung and Sense for the HTC).


Although these are mini versions of the regular, powerhouse devices, they also pack a pretty powerful punch themselves. They are more than enough for daily app using, photo taking and web browsing, among others. A good idea might be to check out the newer versions of the iPhone, if that’s what you are interested in, to look for a better price deal.


Apple iPhone 5

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