Save Impressive Amounts Of Your Android’s Battery Life With AutoData

No matter what smartphone you are using, you will most likely be glad to find out you can improve its battery life quick and easy. Battery has always been an issue with smart devices, and while others manage to handle themselves, others just fall right away. If you want to gain more battery life, you should consider AutoData, which helps you manage your mobile data connection. If you don’t need it at all, the app will close it.

If you are an experienced smartphone user, that has his device for quite some time, you probably now that the key to battery sustain lies in the little things, like adjusting the brightness of your screen. Simple things like that can help you get even the last drop of juice left in your device’s battery, and some even opt for apps that let you schedule all these little things, so they automatically adjust as you please. However, they can be rather unnecessarily complicated.

With AutoData, you don’t have to worry about a bunch of settings, just the mobile data. The way this app works is that your mobile data connection will be switched on and off depending on whether you need it or not. If the screen is off, then you’re not going to use it, most likely, so AutoData takes the liberty of closing mobile data for you.

AutoData is free of charge, so if you’re thinking about installing it, you can head over to the Play Store right now and get it. Once you have it installed, it’s time to get to the actual app. It is set by default to close your mobile data connection 15 minutes after your screen turned off. After that, the app will re-enable your connection for 1 minute every 20 minutes, just so you don’t lose any important notifications. Turning on the screen will also bring back the data connection.

The only problem with this might be the fact that your screen might turn off while you are downloading a big file, and you face the risk of losing the download. If you like, you can go to the settings and and select new numbers for when the phone enables and disables internet connections.


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