Nexus 9 Going To Get Over iPad Air 2

Without other words the new HTC Nexus 9 is designed as Google’s iPad Air 2, but a report that came out showed that the Nexus maker is looking beyond the goal of slaying the tablet king which is Apple.
The blueprint of the Nexus 9 is setting a benchmark for all Android tablet makers to equal or why not exceed. The objective, according to Engadget, is to accelerate the shift from entry-level to a premium stage of Android slates. It seems that Google thinks that the solution to dethrone Apple is a collective initiative involving all players in the Android system; the vendors collaborating closely with the giant Internet search.

The result of this solution would lead to the production of a more intelligent Android tablets that show off the following as default features:

The Nexus 9 it is a device that has the elements of usability, precision details and uncluttered features. The Nexus 9 seems to be a simple but beautiful Android tablet and Google advise those who create tablets to follow HTC’s lead.

Phone Arena made a test between the iPad Air 2 and the Nexus 9. Firstly it was indicated that the Air 2 dominated the Nexus in the performance showdown but Google’s stock Android challenger is fast catching up.

An interesting feature of Nexus 9 is that Google has abandoned the usual black, white or silver with this new Android tablet and instead opting for various colors which highlight a new look reflecting a new fashion statement.

The Nexus 9 is one of the business models that Google would want to be adopted by the likes of Samsung, LG and Sony. As talking of its accessibility, a price for a basic Nexus 9 would be $400, representing a high-end device accessible to most users.

The OS Lollipop 5.0 on the Nexus 9 is pure Android, although Google is hoping that the OS will depend more on the raw power. The Nexus 9 will go live on Google Play Store starting on November 3.

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