Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Release Date By Carriers- What We Know So Far

Samsung manages to stir up hype when it unveils a new device, and the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is no exception. The new curved display smartphone from Samsung managed to gather quite a lot of interest. Unfortunately, Samsung didn’t quite say when the new handset was going to come out. The Note Edge was unveiled at the same event as another highly anticipated device, the Galaxy Note 4, and the interesting thing is that while the Galaxy Note 4 received a released date in October, the Galaxy Note Edge hasn’t been placed within any time period for its release.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Eager fans would have been please to have a specific release date to hold on to, like in the case of the Galaxy Note 4, but the only information anyone has at the moment regarding when the Galaxy Note Edge will be released, is the fact that it will happen “sometime later this year”, as Samsung put it.

The release in the US market might coincide with the global release of the device, if Samsung were to follow the pattern used with the Galaxy Note 4, which they announced will come out in October, same time as the US release of the same device.

The leading carriers are also quiet in terms of details regarding the release of the Galaxy Note Edge. AT&T, although not offering the specific date, has a page on their website announcing the device, and also allowing users to enter their email address, so they will receive the latest news regarding the handset.

Sprint is on the list of carriers that will pick up the Note Edge as well, but even though it is confirmed, it does not offer any release date information, much like AT&T, and all other carriers, for that matter. The T-Mobile website displays a page similar to the one that can be found on AT&T’s website, and they are also offering their users the possibility of entering their email so they would get the latest updates on the device. US Cellular hasn’t even confirmed that it would be picking up the smartphone, although they did make it clear that the Galaxy Note 4 will be in their catalogue.

Last but not least, Verizon confirmed that device will be available to their customers as well, although offering a more simple page, which announces that the phone is “coming soon“.

In conclusion, although the Note Edge has been unveiled at the same event as the Galaxy Note 4, which no doubt got a lot more hype in the months that passed until the unveiling day, has received no release date, while the Note 4 is slated for an October release. The only thing we can do now is wait and see if any of the confirmed carriers, or even Samsung themselves will make any announcements on the subject in the following days.


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