Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. Fake Galaxy S7 – How To Tell The Difference

When Samsung took the title as the biggest smartphone manufacturer worldwide, the company knew that there will be many companies which will try to copy their devices. In fact, the internet is filled with fake Samsung devices that are sold as originals to trick customers into paying the full price. Today we will take Samsung’s Galaxy S7 an pin it against a fake Galaxy S7 and see how to tell the difference between them.


The way a product is packaged usually inspires trust to regular customers and manufacturers of fake devices have got that right. The fake Galaxy S7 comes in a package that’s very similar to the original one, in fact at a first glance no one can tell the differences. The only way to tell which is which between a fake and original Samsun package is to know that the original package will include the IMEI code and serial number on the bottom of the box while fake one won’t.

Product Quality

While fake manufacturers looked like they got the packaging part down, they can’t even come close to Samsung’s build quality. The second you take these devices into your hands you will feel the difference in material quality, especially since the fake ones are built using cheap plastic, their camera module sticks out and the display uses a slightly greyer color in comparison with Samsung’s Galaxy S7. Also the fake model doesn’t include a finger print sensor and it’s obviously not waterproof.

Operating System

Even though the fake Galaxy S7 will feature an operating system that’s similar to Samsung’s Touch Wiz UI, it will never perform the same way the Samsung’s operating system does. One more major difference can be noticed when the fake device is put under heavy usage because it’s equipped with a low-end processor and it will run slower.

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