Android Video Shooting- How To Take Better Videos

Today’s smartphones come bearing more and more features, while improving the ones they had before. Such is the case of the camera that comes with the devices, as some of them have lenses that can shoot amazing videos. However, even if the image quality grows nearer to professional levels, that doesn’t mean that the users behind the phone are professionals. ... Read More »

5 Galaxy S4 Tips To Improve Your Experince

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S4, you can benefit from all the sweet features and functions it brought along. They are many and diverse, covering all aspects available. However, there are some who unfortunately are yet to discover all the goodies the Galaxy S4 packs, or the true extent of its awesomeness.  To help out those of you who ... Read More »

Stop Your Apps From Running Behind Your Back

When an app runs in the background, it usually means that it’s performing some kind of process for the device, like syncing data, retrieve location data, or other such tasks. However, there are apps that unusually do a lot of background processing that should occur in the first place. Let’s see how you can determine whether is important for background ... Read More »

How To Access Recovery Mode On Galaxy S3

There are many reasons why a smartphone user would want to access the phone’s recovery mode. It is essential for tweaking the device and it is something you need to learn how to do, eventually, if you plan on digging deeper in the possibilities your device offers, other than just changing the wallpaper and lock screen from time to time. ... Read More »

Boost Your Galaxy S4’s Performance

The simple fact that Samsung has rolled out the next installment in its Galaxy line of flagship devices, namely the Galaxy S5, is no reason to just push the Galaxy S4 to the side and forget about it. The S4 is still a great device. Sure, the S5 may have some extra features and functions, but let’s not forget all ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S4 Tutorial- Turn It Into An S5

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is still a terrific device to have, loaded will features that make the overall smartphone experience a total delight. However, you might feel a little jelousy when you see peple walking around with their shiny, new, Galaxy S5. The newest flagship from Samsung brings all the features previously seen on the S4, adding a bunch of ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S5 – 5 Tips An Tricks You Need To Check Out

If you got a Samsung Galaxy S5. you know that it is packed with a lot of great functions and features. Some more gimmicky while others incredibly useful, Samsung’s flagship device is an overall awesome device. However, the large amount of features it packs also makes it difficult to uncover them all, because not all features are promoted equally, therefore ... Read More »

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