Review – Spigen Protective Bounce-Black Casing for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Spigen Protective Bounce-Black Casing

Spigen Protective Bounce-Black Casing

Why do you need a pouch or a casing for a smartphone, is obvious! The casing is an excellent way to safeguard your phone from scratches, dust and dirt. Many people would love to show the fantastic design of the phones they own, to the rest. But, never forget that when you try to show off how sleek and chic is your phone, you forget that there are many chances for the phone to incur scratches, dirt and finger prints get accumulated.

Most of the smartphones have a touchscreen, which make vulnerable to scuffs, and they also attract finger prints. So, it is essential to protect your smartphones with the casings. If you are looking for the best casing for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, then you can go for the SPIGEN protective casing.

Features of SPIGEN Protective Bounce-Black Casing

The casing is made of a flexible material. It is long lasting, and the elasticity of the material used makes it comfortable to use. The material used is TPU, which offers a strong grip while it is soft. If you love the trendy and the sleek design of the mobile and think twice about using a casing for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, then you can see that the SPIGEN casing is perfect for the chic design and shape of your device.

When you walk around with your smartphones, you may drop them a number of times, which means that the device is open to breakage. When you use this casing, you get a comfortable grip and can avoid dropping it often. But, there are particular times when you can drop the phone in spite of the firm grip offered by the casing. Never worry, the casing is designed in a way, to absorb shock and offer great protection! The finish of the casing offers it a premium look.

Pros of the SPIGEN Casing

Unlike the other casing that break while gripping because of the cracks, this casing has no such cons. It fits to your hand like a glove, so you need not worry about breakage. Its durability is a great advantage and thanks to the TPU material for the comfortable and strong grip.

The casing has a soft texture at the back, and you would not feel irritation because of holding it in the hands. Men tend to place the mobiles in pockets of shirts and pants. Many protective casing get stuck to the pockets if kept for a long time, but thanks to the SF coating, the SPIGEN casing does not stick to the dress materials.

Another advantage about this case is that it is very light in weight, and it does not add weight to the phone. You also need not worry about the buttons on the phone hidden as every button is visible.


A few people may complain about the lack of the lip in the case. However, this is a slim design and the lip is not supposed to be there. If you think that the lack of much lip should damage the device’s screen, then you need to understand that the screen is damaged most of the times when they are kept inside the bags or pockets with the change or keys.

Final Thoughts

SPIGEN protective Bounce-Black casing is highly recommended because of its fantastic quality and it is worth buy it with just a price tag of $10.99Buy now!

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