Laza Zcell extended battery for the Samsung Galaxy S4 (with back cover and NFC)

To be honest, the Laza Zcell extended battery makes sure that you and your smartphone will never have to suffer from low battery ever again. This extended battery helps you double the battery life of your device, by simply swapping the original battery. It is a 5200 mAh unit, and it gives you all the juice you need.

About the case

The Zcell read your device’s battery very accurately and you won’t have to fear any power drops. The capacity of the battery, which is 5200 mAh, is enough to get your phone through the day without problem, as it doubles its battery life. The extended battery also comes with an integrated chip that prevents it from overcharging, so that’s a big plus for Laza. The phone’s NFC capabilities won’t be terminated, as the Laza Zcell also supports NFC. When it comes to the back cover, you can think of it as getting double battery life, and also included protection for your device, because the Laza Zcell back cover also works as a protective case. It’s shiny and quite slim in comparison to other extended battery covers, and the fact that you won’t need to add a separate case over your extended battery cover is part of why your phone won’t get too bulky with the extended battery back cover on.

Can you imagine boosting the 9 hours you get out of your standard 2800 mAh Samsung Galaxy S4 battery to a week ? Because that’s exactly what the extended 5200 mAh battery provides, life support for a full week, in which you don’t have to charge. The high quality NFC chip located in the extended battery mean you won’t have to give up your favorite NFC-based features available on your Galaxy S4, such as Google Wallet and S-Beam.

The  problem with this package is how cheap it feels, and the fact that your phone will suffer a not so pretty physical transformation, and will no longer be the slim and stylish charmer it once was. The extended battery and the back cover case will make your phone thicker. Even though not as thick as other extended battery products would, it still is a major difference when compared to the original back cover. This is why the extended battery is really for those who use the phone a lot, always making calls and such,or the major usage consumers who are always traveling. For them, this unit is perfect, giving them the so needed battery boost to keep them going and have one less worry.

If you are going on a road trip or something like that, an extended battery would be a great idea, as it can last up to a full week. That is, unless, you plan on somehow using a revolutionary way to charge your phone with a tree, or you just don’t mind missing a few important calls, like that sweet job offer you’ve been waiting for. You can get this nice piece of kit with only $22 only at

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