Samsung Galaxy S4 Extended Battery – Top Contenders

The Samsung Galaxy 4 is a stunning device, a flagship and a hit on the market when it was in its prime. It operates at very high speeds, and the display it brings along is also a high resolution unit. The device is overall a complete powerhouse, with a lot of funtions and features to offer. When you have that much action packed under the hood, you will definetly need a big battery to help you get through the day. Because those features and functions ar as battery costing as they are awesome. They will suck your battery dry before you even get a chance to figure out what just happened. Times like these have brought upon us the blessing of extended batteries. No more will you have to only rely on the battery power supplied by your phone’s original battery. It’s not that the battery of the Galaxy S4 is bad, it’s just that, like I said, you need a whole lot of battery power to sustain navigation, playing and web browsing on devices which such large numbers of features and functions. An extended battery can help you feel at ease, not counting every drop of battery. There are, just like in any other domain, bad choices and good choices. Below you will have a few good choices, the top, recommended options for extended batteries.

Hyperion Samsung Galaxy Extended Battery

This battery is about $40 and will give you 5200 mAh, which is more than enough to power all your features. It comes with a warranty for 18 months, and also has a 4.7 rating on Amazon. Its cells have an A+ grade and are Li-Ion. It is one of the best available versions, and packs Grade A + Li-Ion type battery power.

Anker® 5200mAh Replacement Extended Battery

The Anker® 5200mAh Replacement Extended Battery is one of the best solutions for a Galaxy S4 extended battery. It features grade A+  Li-Ion cells, and a total battery power of 5200 mAh. This is almost double the power of the original battery, and also offers double the battery life. Various features like NFC are still working , and there’s a chip that countrols overcharging., so those are a big plus. You can get it for about $23.99.

Zerolemon extended battery for Samsung Galaxy S4

This case is available for around $40. It’s rechargeable Grade A + Li-ion cells will provide no less than 7500 mAh, and will also provide support for features such as S Beam, Google Wallet, and NFC. It comes in black, and it offers considerable protection to your device. It’s made out of TPU.

Maxboost 2 x Battery for Samsung Galaxy S4

The Maxboost-Atomic-Samsung-Galaxy-Battery is one of the best options available, packed with 2300 mAh of extended battery which translates in up to 7 extra hours of talk time, and 8 extra hours of browsing. It comes with some unique features such as the LED indicator that shows you when it is fully charged. In terms of price, this item will only set you back about $22.

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