LCD – Best 2016 Flat-Screen TV

LCD - Best Flat-Screen TV

Which TV technology is better? Is LCD better than any other TV? What is the best flat screen TV I can afford? These are some kind of questions that most of us asks every year.

After finding out the screen of your desired TV, it’s time to look at the technology behind the TV. LCD is the most common and least expensive flat screen TV type. To drive the decision to buy an LCD TV, you should be aware that LCD TVs do not always offer the best quality – but they came with very good picture quality at a good cost, making them easy to recommend.

If you’re looking to purchase a quality TV set but you’re on a budget, then LCD flat screen is the answer you are looking for.

Liquid crystal displays were the first to replace the traditional CRTs in TV screens as they are easy on the eyes, cheaper, lightweight as well as more reliable and compact. The way they work is very simple: a thin layer of liquid crystal is condensed between two thin plates. The plates are electrically conducted and light is blocked rather than emitted. This process also explains the low energy consumption.

LCD screens are the cheapest and their price increase with size, the larger the screen the higher the price. The picture quality may not rise up to the results produced by other technologies like plasma or LED (an LCD upgrade) and they are also heavier and bulkier. But manufacturers are putting a lot of effort into it and LCD screens have slimmed down considerably compared to the first ever models.

LCD flat screens may not offer contrast ratio or picture quality like plasma screens do but they are not far behind either. Not to mention that issues common with plasma screens such as burn-in, reflective screen or getting hot too quickly are issues that occur with LCD screens.


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