Want to block a number on Samsung Galaxy S4 ?

We are sure that everyone had, at least once in their life, a situation like this: someone you want to avoid talking to who keeps calling and calling! If you are one of these persons you must pay attention and find out some useful tips on how to block a number if you have a Galaxy S4. Of course you can try to ignore these kind of calls or you can send them directly to your voice mail, but there is no need to do that. You can simply block the number that is bothering you and you will never have to deal with that person again. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Find out what to to in order to get rid of that pushy persona once and for all.

You don’t need any special software in order to block a number on a Samsung Galaxy S4 . This feature is available on your phone and there are 2 ways you can use.

The first method you can use if you want to block a number on your phone is to use the dialer app. You must log into the Logs section. Then, you have to find the number you want to block. Tap the number and then the Settings button. Select Add to reject list and then confirm the action.

If you want to add more numbers to the list you can simply use your Android settings. Go to Settings, then tap My device and Call. Tap Call rejection and then Auto reject mode. Make sure that Auto reject numbers setting is on. Tap the auto reject list again and in order to add a number to the reject list you must tap the +button, enter the number and tap Save.

You can also use another method to block some numbers. You can block these mumbers based on patterns like all number from a certain dialing area. You have to tap Match and select from the available options.

If you want to unblock some numbers you just have to select the number from the list and then tap Delete. This way the number is removed from the rejection list.

Now it’s up to you to chose who’s number you want to block!


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