ARK Survival Evolved​ Update for PS4 and Xbox One Available with New Patch Notes

​ARK Survival Evolved has received a new update which is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Studio Wildcard has also unveiled the patch notes, and they show the new adjustments the developer has incorporated into the game.

Studio Wildcard has announced that a new network client would be released after the maintenance the game will go through. The gamers will need to restart the client to rejoin the network after expand.

It seems like the new patch has been revealed to counter a few recent issues discovered in the game. As per the short patch notes, there was introduced no content for PS4 and Xbox One. A lot of the changes made to the game are revolving around the new HLN-A Companion which are intended to make it work adequately.

The adjustments include fixing some bugs that left the Genesis addition unable to use. It, however, appears that more details regarding the in-game changes will be revealed at a later date.

ARK Survival Evolve Patch Notes

The game’s update is, as we mentioned above, quite short. Here is what we know so far about it:

  • HLNA polish
  • HLNA now works with Tek Gauntlets
  • Fixed issue with Fire Wyverns not spawning

Studio Wildcard has announced a new patch for the Valguero map, which will roll out later this week. It is not clear, however, of it the above-mentioned update is the patch the gaming studio promised to reveal, or if another will be unveiled for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Other changes Studio Wildcard has promised for the game include:

  • Misc Valguero Issues – There are some misc. problems with Valguero that will be fixed this week
  • Duping and Exploits – The developing team is continually adopting measures on tickets and problems that refer to game exploits, such as meshing and so on. To prevent any measures being taken against your tribe, navigate to the Code of Conduct for the Official Network.
  • PVE Tribe Warfare System – The Tribe Warfare system will be disabled on August the 22nd because there was seen an increase in abuse and enforcement tickets coming from the tribe warfare system.
  • Classic PvP – The Classic PvP is still under development, but new information will be shared soon.

Mod Program applications will be available starting with September the 1st. Because this will be the last application period of 2019, ensure you enlist your projects.

Finally, the news that a new season pass will be released sometime this year for ARK Survival Evolved, which will come with a new story and the innovative Genesis map is extremely exciting for fans everywhere in the world.

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