Best Minecraft Mods of 2019 Available to Download

Even after passing its 10 year anniversary, Minecraft seems to be going strong and getting better and better thanks to the community that it spawned. People like Minecraft. A LOT. It still is in the top 3 most played games in 2019.

Before going in detail to present mods, let’s talk about the difference between mods and modpacks. It’s quite simple, actually: mods are just unofficial game files made by members of the community, which are meant to modify the game in some way (mechanics, looks, etc). At times they tend to be tacky and they can (rarely) result in a downgrade in gameplay.

Modpacks are collections of mods made by a developer who made sure that they are compatible, making installing mods and dealing with compatibility issues a lot easier.

Here’s a list of some of the best ranked Minecraft mods of 2019 (in no particular order):

Minecraft graphics mods

If you enjoy the vanilla experience of Minecraft but you find the graphics a bit… lackluster then you can just search for a graphics mod that suits you. Thanks to Minecraft’s evergrowing community, new graphics mods are posted faster than you can say “Creeper”!

You can pick between various shaders, realistic water, realistic grass and plenty of other mods.

Crafting Dead

The name of this mod is a hint itself to what it’s offering: Combining an advanced inventory system with a survival type arsenal: guns, scopes, superior crafting abilities and gear. There are plenty of servers that feature this modpack’s game mode so it only makes it better! Gear up and get crafting ASAP!


There’s not much to say about this mod apart from the fact that it combines Pokemon mobs and shares similar game mechanics to good old Nintendo Pokemon games. Going Pokemon hunting in a Minecraft world gets even more intense when you go online and team up with other people and go on adventures together or challenge them to Pokemon battles. Gotta catch ‘em all, right?


This mod greatly improves your Minecraft biomes: lions, elephants, camels, deer and other fresh mobs are added to keep you playing for many hours.

Advanced Rocketry

Have you ever wanted to visit space? Well this mod lets you do just that… sort of. Thanks to Advanced Rocketry you can build your own rockets and pilot them into space in a quest to explore new planets and other celestial bodies.

Aether 2: Genesis of the Void

This mod gives you access to a whole new realm. The Aether is essentially everything Minecraft’s original Nether isn’t. While keeping your default Minecraft world mostly unchanged, a portal gives you the chance to visit a place where you can mine new materials. This mod also includes special dungeons and gives you the ability to craft new gear while trying to uncover all the map’s secrets.

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