GTA 6 Might Not be the Next Hit of Rockstar Games​​

A leak involving Rockstar Games’ release date of the highly expected GTA 6 has disappointed a lot of the game’s fans. Grand Theft Auto 6 is one of the most anticipated games of the future, even though it wasn’t officially announced or even confirmed by the gaming developer.

As soon as Rockstar Games completed the development on the Red Dead Redemption 2, attention has switched to what the gaming giant is going to develop next. Obviously, GTA 6 was the first candidate fans have thought of, more so because Grand Theft Auto 5 was released approximately six years back.

Six years is the longest period in between the launch of new GTA titles, but even so, it seems this wait is going to be even longer as the major leak is claiming that the next Rockstar Games title will not be the Grand Theft Auto 6.

The leak has appeared on the web depicting the first in-game screenshot of the gaming giant’s next title, which allegedly is Bully 2. According to a reported post of Rockstar Intel, YouTuber TheNatanNS states that they have received the first-ever screenshot of the gaming developer’s next hit.

The unconfirmed picture depicts the user interface of Bully 2 and implies the game will feature an online mode and a social club support. It also suggests that a section of the Bully 2 map will be dubbed Wintersmith Mansion.

Like with all rumors, it is best not to rely too much on each until the gaming developer officially confirms any of this. But it does seem that Rockstar Games is preparing to make a huge announcement.

As per Edinburgh Live, Rockstar North was recently captured taking off a massive Red Dead Redemption 2 banner from the office’s front. It has been rumored that the gaming giant has removed the banner because they are preparing to launch their next game as soon as it is revealed.

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