Madden 20 Patch 1.9 notes: All you need to know 

A huge new patch for Madden 20 was released on all platforms, and this could be the greatest game-changing patch fans of the series have seen in a long while. Here are some details about the patch:

O-Lineman have superstar abilities now

When the Superstar Abilities notion was introduced before the release, the fans were wondering where the O-Linemen were, and thankfully, those will be receiving the boost that they truly deserve, and this might potentially make them way more valuable for teams in every mode.

O-Linemen were added the following traits:

  • Edge Protector – it reduces the chance of success of an edge pass rusher
  • Post Up – this skill improves blocker’s ability to hold double team blocks (both run and pass)
  • Run Block Elite – allows holding blocks for a longer duration when run blocking
  • Pass Block Elite – allows holding blocks for a longer duration when pass blocking
  • Zone Blocker – Holds blocks for a longer time on zone-blocked run plays
  • Power Blocker – Holds blocks longer when gap-blocking

These were some highlights, but the list can go on.

The O-Line will receive another option for slowing down the defense, in the form of a new double-team mechanic. From the play menu, gamers can now target a specific pass rusher to double team. This can be done by opening the Pass Protection menu and selecting the bottom option: “Double Team”. This is replacing the Pinch Adjustment mechanic, which has been removed globally. After accessing this tab, there will be a “D2” indicator that players can move around with the left stick, and the lock in their double team target.

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