Shadow Pokemon and Team Rocket Newest Issues

The recently added Shadow Pokemon suddenly vanished from the game.

The bad guys of the Pokemon anime universe made their sudden appearance in Pokemon Go the other day: Certain Pokestops have been taken over by Team Rocket. Players had the option to visit those Pokestops, battle a grunt of Team Rocket and even grab one of their Pokemon if they were victorious in battle.

The update was teased by Niantic for some time, making it seem like it’s this summer’s big Pokemon Go update.

Bad news

Shadow Pokemon were a rare sight to see and so where Team Rocket Pokestops. However, now both of them are gone. A lot of players didn’t notice their unannounced absence because they were both so rare to see.

A tweet from Niantic confirms that they are gone for now: “Professor Willow has noticed that sightings of discolored PokéStops and Pokémon enshrouded in a shadowy aura have…suddenly stopped?Hmm… This phenomenon keeps getting more troubling the more we investigate it.”

Two different conclusions can be made after reading the tweet: Either Niantic was teasing gamers in order to analyze their reaction or they are just running some technical tests. It might have been a bit of those: Niantic is playing it safe by firstly testing the new update on a small scale, and after making sure it’s all good to go they re-enable it and make it largely available.

When can we expect the return of the update?

Unfortunately, there’s no official date for the return of Pokestops and Shadow Pokemon, but the day they are back can’t be too far away as lots of information about Shadow Pokemon were leaked by data miners. The client is ready for the update and so are players. Niantic surely has a strong reason to keep us waiting a bit more.

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