Snake won’t be making it to Tekken 7

EVO hosted a few announcements relating a fighting game this weekend, while the competitors of the tournament were relentlessly brawling.

Big disappointment

During the Tekken 7 finals, it seemed like Snake (from the Metal Gear Solid series) was being teased as an upcoming fighter, and gamers’ hopes were as high as possible.

Snake said “That was some good – ass Tekken” in a codec which played for the audience. Gamers suspected that the random appearance of a character from a different series meant that a crossover is confirmed, so the clip quickly gained fame online.

However, it was all a big misunderstanding provoked by a cameo joke meant to entertain the audience gone bad. EVO apologized publicly for their “ little joke” that got fans of both series angry.

Snake previously appeared in some fighting games, like Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Ultimate, so a crossover didn’t seem impossible.

David Hayter, Longtime Solid Snake voice actor expressed his displeasure with EVO’s joke in a twitter post:  “EVO, You also failed to consult me, or Konami. Please do not use my voice to promote other games. Ever.” This was a big hit for EVO as it seems like they really displeased everybody they could: fans, developers and even voice actors of beloved game characters.

The show goes on

While Snake is nowhere to be seen, Tekken 7 is still getting new characters, and Bandai Namco even revealed the third season pass, which will be bringing back Zafina and introducing Leroy Smith, a new character. Who knows, maybe all the fuss might convince developers to actually add Snake in-game, but as for right now nothing is confirmed.

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