A Pay What You Want Deal for Microsoft Office 2019 Courses is On​

A new ‘Pay What You Want’ deal you might want to acquire is available for five online courses incorporating a 74-hour bundle. The great deal has a limited time, and it teaches you how to use Microsoft Office 2019.

The courses will teach you basic and also advanced information on the best way to use the popular Microsoft bundle that includes Word, Excel, Office, PowerPoint, and so on. You can become a Pro in using the world’s leading Office software by purchasing this great deal.

What’s The Deal About

This deal has a mixed value of $250, but with the Pay What You Want bundles, you can get this incredible deal for as little as you want to pay. You will also be able to get all of the courses by winning over the average price of the pack and receive a fully upgraded version of the set.

If you pay the total value of $250, you will get to enter the StackCommerce leaderboard and will have access to various bonuses, such as entries into numerous giveaways, and more benefits. Exam vouchers are not included, though.

Bundled Courses

Here are the bundled courses the deal offers, which you can purchase with the Pay What You Want.

  • Microsoft Excel Course
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel Course
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Course
  • Microsoft Outlook Course
  • Microsoft Word Course

Pay What You Want, even as little as $1 for the Microsoft Word Course, an unlocked item that helps you get familiar with the world’s premiere Word processor.

The Microsoft Excel Course and the Advanced Microsoft​ Excel Course along with the rest of the courses we are going to further detail can be purchased if you beat the average price. The regular Microsoft​ Excel Course offers a 32-hour deep dive into everything related to Excel and teaches you how to use it for your advantage. The Advanced version of the course helps you automate your spreadsheets and simplify large amounts of data with a ​16-hour dive into everything Excel.

The Microsoft​ PowerPoint Course helps you impress and engage your spectators with a lot of useful PowerPoint tips and tricks.

Finally, the Microsoft ​Outlook Course allows you to be more productive without losing time by understanding how to operate the amazing email platform.

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