Google Play Services Version 21.02.14 Available to Download with Reliability Improvements

Google Play Services is Google’s tool for updating Google apps and other apps originating from the Google Play Store.

The app returns basic functionality like log in to specific Google services, synchronized contacts, access to the newest user privacy settings, extra quality, and low-power location-based services.

Additionally, Google Play Services also improves the app experience. It boosts offline searches, features more immersive maps, and speeds up mobile gaming.

Additionally, many apps won’t work if you uninstall Google Play services.

Google Play Services, though it has so many fundamental features, is an app like any other, which means that it receives updates occasionally. The app usually updates itself automatically, and most phones don’t even allow users to disable that option.

However, that is a good thing. After all, why would you want to deny updating such a core component?

Google Play Services has just reached version 21.02.14, and the new update promises extra reliability to the service. Each new update adds new stability or extra features to the service.

The new update is available for download on the Google Play Store. We advise you to avoid installing Google Play Services updates from third-party sources because it is risky. The internet is full of malware and viruses.

You should consider updating the app as soon as possible. First of all, your data safety is at stake. Second, there’s optimization. Avoiding to update gets you stuck at a certain level of optimization which may or may not be satisfactory. Finally, there is compatibility. At some point, many (if not all) of your apps will refuse to work correctly or entirely if you don’t update to the newest version of Google Play Services.

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