iOS 13 Public Beta 7: New Improvements and Changes

We are almost there. In the iOS 13’s development, we get through different stages. Right now, we are in that stage when the betas are released within hours of each other, and not days. And we come with great news: iOS 13 Public Beta 7 is now available for download.

So what’s new?

Well, there is not much. The user interface is the same as what you will see when the iOS 13 will be released to the public in September. The release might take place around the 10th of September.

If you haven’t taken a look at the new Apple CarPlay in iOS 13, now it’s your chance to do it. We remember the beginning of the beta: full of bugs, apps that kept crashing with every launch. Even with Public Beta 6, there were some problems, such as odd behavior which made people ask themselves if they are talking about a reliable service.

However, now, with iOS 13 Public Beta 7, Apple CarPlay is better. It comes with a new Dashboard, that’s similar to the Android Auto’s home screen. There’s the map on the left, the Now Playing widget placed on the right, reminders and a navigation widget that gives you access to many destinations and driving directions.

When it comes to the interface, some many new updates and changes make it easier for you to use CarPlay while you’re actually driving. It comes with icons, as well: you have replied, read, change and again, and they can be quite useful when you’re talking to Siri.

Siri is, as always, helpful, and it is giving you landmark directions, so prepare yourself to hear that you need to turn right at the next traffic light. This means that there will be no more in 500 feet, turn right.

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