Mars’ Smoky Situation – Intriguing Fact Discovered

With all the smoke up there, Mars surely has to give an explanation. Scientists discovered this intriguing fact and it seems hard to believe for such behavior of Mars. For our mighty neighbor things are pretty much changing, but let’s find out first, what it’s really happening.

The fact that the Red Planet has an atmosphere which is too thin, it won’t allow it ever to have water on its surface. Also, there is no free molecular oxygen, just because Mars produces it by ultraviolet radiation adding some carbon dioxide, too. MAVEN, Mars orbiter by NASA, succeeded to take some measurements of the atoms and ions evading from Mars’ land due to the photovoltaic airstream and radiation. All these facts and more but how can we still explain Mars’ plumes of smokes?

Scientists state, however, according to a captured picture of the phenomenon by NASA’s satellite, that it seems clear that it isn’t some activity from the Arsia Mons volcano, even if they tend to believe that, because on Earth such plumes indicate sometimes two factors, fire or  a volcano.

The fact that Mars has 2 volcanoes, the Olympus Mons and Arsia, don’t represent a worrying thing, because they don’t seem to extinct. This could also indicate that Mars has a possibility to be volcanically lively, but so far, there are not any proofs of eruptions.

Scientists of course, searched for any alternative and the most suitable one, they believed, are the clouds. What’s with the clouds and Mars? To understand better this phenomenon on the Red Planet, we must know that water-ice clouds are sometimes found on the planet’s surface, and they have a way of travelling, beginning over the top of high mountains or volcanoes. Mars posses water vapor just like Earth, which creates a circular way of travelling on the Martian area.

The Martian winds, however, have the ability to enclose the globe, they also have with them some atmospheric stuff that they will send over the mountains or in and out of the huge bowls of Mars. With the help of some fast winds in its not so high-density area, Martian clouds can resist for many kilometers and more, creating the effect of some smoke plums. With these said, there is no strange phenomenon at all, and Mars seems just fine.

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