Origin of Life on Earth found

Scientists have uncovered the origins of life on Earth. Their results show that life formed around 4 billion years ago. The first cells to ever exist on the planet formed from a mixture of elements that were rich in carbon. Resulting in the creation of humans, among other things, that are carbon-based life forms.

The first cells were in need of certain ions from the chemical mixture so that they could perform basic operations. It is believed the charged ions the cells needed to evolve would have damaged their fragile membranes.

Simple cell properties

An experiment has been performed by researchers from the University of Washington. They took simple cells that would have been present on an early Earth. These cells have membranes that are made from fatty acids.

Once these were filled with fluid, the team realized that the simple cells were protected from the charged ions by a protective layer of amino acids. This substance is the basic component of proteins. The cells provide genetic material containing RNA. This is a strand of DNA that is produced from magnesium.

The study was successfully published on the 12 of August and it explains how life can form, even under pressure. The outer shells of the early cells, called membranes, managed to be charged with magnesium ions to get a charge. While this was happening, the cells had amino acids to maintain their stability.

Support for creation of life

Amino acids are believed to have had cycles based on the flow of water. Resulting in the spread rate to have varying effects on early cells. The concentration of amino acids in cells would have been a major support point in their evolution.

The presence of RNA is also an important factor as this proves the assimilation of magnesium. This confirms the successful performance of simple cells with absorbing energy. It is also believed that the DNA structure may have caused a chemical process that enhanced the stability of the cells.

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