Star Wars 9 Rey’s Origin – Skywalker Saga New Features

The 9th Star Wars film will mark the end of the Skywalker saga and some fans can’t wait to see the film this year in December. One of the new characters in the trilogy is the subject of a leak that might reveal information about her past. The Star Wars movie is set to feature Lando Calrissian and he just might know something about Rey’s parents.

Mysterious nobody

Rey is the mystery character of the series. Being a powerful force user for one that has not received any sort of training, pretty much all of the fans expected her to trace her lineage from the Skywalker family. This has been apparently debunked by Kylo Ren in the last film, stating that her parents were nobodies, just like her.

No matter if what Kylo said was true or not, Rey is still holding center position in the new Star Wars trilogy. If she is a nobody, then the events that are shaping the galaxy are passing through her as well. This may just be the will of the Force and that is that.

Troublesome somebody

But if she turns out to be somebody, meaning that her at least one of her parents was a well-known character, then this will possibly create complications, rather than simplify her ark.

Because she has had a loner past and there have been many speculations about her origins, introducing famous parents will not help much here.

The character would be better suited to be a sort of flower child of the Force, much like Anakin was. This would save much of the flaws Rey has as a character. Flaws that originate from bad writing, generated by several political agendas behind the franchise at this point.

Palpatine + Lando = ?

The return of Palpatine might give valuable insight on the directionless storyline that the trilogy has had so far. The ultra Sith Lord holds a grand variety of knowledge and can also pierce the veil of the Force like none other in order to uncover what is unknown.

It is unclear what Palpatine’s plan will be but as a user and puppetmaster, he will most likely try to recruit Rey, no matter her lineage.

Lando is quite old and knowledgeable due to his sneaky personality. He could make some interesting reveals that could lead to some sense in Star Wars. But despite the character’s knowledge and apparent cool factor, the writing could continue to be bad involving Rey and her backstory.

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