Thunder Moon: Here’s What Happened with Tuesday’s Partial Lunar Eclipse

On Tuesday night, there was a full moon – Thunder has glowed brightly. For those of you who wanted to see it, it must have been great, sincer you were also able to see see Saturn and Jupiter onto Moon’s right for the most of the night. It was really a great time to set up your telescope.

This full moon is known as Thunder Moon. It gets its name because thunderstorms are frequent during this month.

The full moon from July is also referred as the Buck Moon, because we are in that time of the year when new antlers begin to grow on the heads of bucks. But this full moon also has other names, such as the Hay Moon, the Old Moon, and the Ripe Corn Moon.

How was the partial lunar eclipse?

Also, this month we were lucky enough to see a partial lunar eclipse for part of the globe. During this partial lunar eclipse, only a part of the moon has passed through Earth’s inner shadow. This means that only a part of the moon appeared dark, while the rest was illuminated by our Sun. It lasted for about three hours, and it started at 8 p.m GMT. It ended at about 11 p.m GMT, on Tuesday night. People were really exicited to see it, and the photos show it.

The penumbral phase actually surrounded the partial period. That unually happens when the Moon passes through the outer shadow of the Earth. However, we need to keep in mind that this phase is the most difficult one to detect since it is not as noticeable as the partial phase.

North American were not quite happy, since this was the only area in which people were not able to see the eclipse. The next time North Americans will be able to see a lunar eclipse will be on the 5th of July, 2020.

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