Amazon Prime vs. Netflix – Top Differences, Advantages and Improvements

Don’t rush to say that you will choose Netflix and chill for always and forever. Netflix is not the only media streaming service that can give you movies, TV series, and videos in the industry. Of course, you know that thanks to the evolution of technology and the need of people to watch and stream online, all kind of streaming services are out in the market. This is the case of Amazon Prime Video, and we are wondering what users will choose between it and Netflix. As a user, you want some things, so you want to know which one is best to give your money in exchange for the best streaming services. Because it’s a normal thing to do, we are analyzing both streaming platform and show everything you should know about them.

Amazon Prime Video versus Netflix

  1. The quality of the media stream is essential. It will depend on what device you are using, but it’s good to know that on Netflix, you have options for different resolutions. So if you subscribe to the basic one you will receive HD (480p); for the Standard, you will receive Full HD (1080p); and the Premium with Ultra HD (4K). On the other hand, Amazon Prime is giving you an annual subscription, and you can watch all the available content on their platform at the highest resolution (4K).
  2. If you are wondering about what platforms you can watch the streaming media services, then you must know that Netflix is supporting all the major platforms. Netflix is on Android, iOS, Windows, even Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo Wii. Amazon is supporting only significant platforms.
  3. The number of streams may be essential for you because you will want to share the account with friends or family. Because of that, both services are offering some options. As an Amazon member, you can have three devices streaming at once, and only two devices can stream the same content. Netflix, on the other hand, is offering on the Premium account four devices that can stream, and even the same program.
  4. The important part is the content that both services are offering. Amazon is going with a lot more movies than Netflix, but they are mostly old and B-grade oldies. While Netflix is offering fewer videos, the quality is high, and they are more recent. And we can’t forget that Netflix is on top when it comes to television series.
  5. Lastly, the price you will pay for using one of them is $13 per month if you use Amazon Prime, with a discount of $36 for early paying. Netflix isn’t offering discounts for early paying, and it has three versions – Basic for $9/month, Standard for $13/month, and Premium for $16/month.

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