Global Warming Worse Than Before

People grew fast more impatiently, disorganized and indifferent. We tend to care more about ourselves rather than the deteriorating climate which year after year some changes happen, striking us deeply. But how we can understand it better? Let’s take a look around and give a chance to something really worthy!

As 20th century arrived, many things seemed to good to be true, and others, unfortunately, changing in a negative way. How so? Well, according to some recent studies, Earth’s quick warming in the late 20th century was so high than any climate variation during the last 2,000 years. People succeeded in changing everything, even the climate, and if this is not a concerning thing, well what else could it be?

Climate scientist, Nathan Steiger, offers us a detailed approach making us understand better everything that means climate change. He stated that what’s happening now is so sad that there is nothing else to even compare it, in the first place. Some people, on the other hand, believe that the global warming happens only because it’s just a natural phenomenon and it’s supposed to happen sometime sooner or later.

The studies, however, being developed from 0 to 2,000 AD, show us that the lowest temperatures during that time were more restricted, for example, in the Pacific in the 15th century, and in northern Europe and southern North America in the 17th .  Scientists though discovered that the quick increase in typical temperatures in the last decades, affected so much of the planet, being approximately 98 %.

Another researcher, Mark Maslin from the University of College London tells us that the study will finally shut deniers’ mouths who still believe that the changes are happening due to natural causes. Also, he stated that sooner or later we will figure it out, but unfortunately for the planet will surely be too late!

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