Guide for purifying Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon Go

New update

The newest update of Pokemon Go features Shadow Pokemon. The core difference between those and regular pokemon is that Shadow Pokemon are characterized by anger and darkness, which were supposedly used as a means to make them stronger for their trainers, members of Team Rocket.

Those powerful Pokemon know Frustration by default, a move that does damage proportional to how much the Pokemon dislikes you, but after purifying, they will forget Frustration and embrace Return, a move that does damage proportional to how much the Pokemon loves you.

Finding Shadow Pokemon

In order to catch a Shadow Pokemon you have to visit a Pokestop that is owned by Team Rocket. After battling the grunt and winning, you get to try and catch the Pokemon they were utilizing.

Purifying the Pokemon

Thankfully, purifying Shadow Pokemon is a quick and simple process, as long as you have enough dust and candy: you only need to hit the button on their information screen.

Advantages of purified Pokemon

Purified Pokemon require less candy to evolve and less dust to power up. At the same time, they also feature Return, which is a normal type attack.

When they get powered up, Purified Pokemon get IV boosts. Each of their stats rises by two when purified.

List of Shadow Pokemon

As of right now, the only Shadow Pokemon you can catch are: Squirtle, Snorlax, Charmander, Rattata, Bulbasaur and Zubat. However, data miners say that other possible Shadow Pokemon have been found in the game files, possibly waiting to be introduced to players over time.

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