Top 5 Performance Management Software Available to Download

We all know the age-old saying “Time is money” and most businessmen tend to agree with it. Therefore, if time equals money then wasting time should be avoided as much as possible.

However, that’s difficult to achieve in a big corporation, because supervising employees personally is time-consuming and awkward at times. Thankfully, we live in the 21st century and technology comes in handy, optimising the way people work while monitoring their performance.

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Performance management software refers to technology meant to track employees’ performance and productivity, allowing leaders or managers to easily analyze and evaluate workers in their work field.

Here’s a top 5 performance management software list ( in no particular order ) :

  1. Workday

Lots of people have already plenty of things to deal with at work on computers, so a change in environment can only make their experience more stressful. Fortunately, Workday simplifies things thanks to its intuitive, simple and clean user interface, while also offering a modern, up to date package, all backed up by a 24/7 support team, ready to help if things go south.

One of Workday’s main purposes is to highlight internal talent, giving lots of feedback and analytics features, all for the (relatively) low price of $8.33 / user / month.c

The only downside of using Workday is the fact that it’s a requirement to sign up for a three year contract to use it. However, you can try a free demo in order to determine whether it’s worth it or not.

  1. Namely

Namely seems to have it all: not only it can manage HR, payroll and output personalized reviews, goals and explicit analytics, it’s also built on an open API, thus allowing for a superior level of customization. In simpler terms, this means that it gives users the possibility to add countless third party apps to the platform, while measuring precisely what you want it to. Connect Marketplace makes this task a lot easier by quickly adding or removing 3rd party integrations at your will.

Unfortunately, this all comes with a price: Namely is almost twice more expensive than Workday, and the most expensive software on this list, costing $15 / user / month.

  1. UltiPro

The first version of UltiPro appeared way back in 1990, so there’s plenty of heritage to guarantee that UltiPro is reliable and trustworthy. It offers 24/7 customer support and also contains unique features like learning. Its feedback features are aimed to be accessible by both employer and employee.  There’s also a mobile app which only makes it all better, working like a companion app for UltiPro.

The only notable downside of UltiPro is its dated (but fully functional) design. However, what it lacks up in design it makes up in performance, for the price of $10 / user / month.

  1. Zoho People

Zoho People has been around for a decade, even though the Zoho company dates back to 1996, so their experience is a big plus.

While sharing features with the previously mentioned apps, Zoho People‘s unique priority is automation, giving employees access to a self – service platform that simplifies the tedious HR practices.

However, Zoho People’s mobile app is difficult to use and sluggish, unlike their desktop software, which runs smooth and looks simple.

Could the low price of only $0.83 / employee / month convince you that it’s an adequate choice?

  1. PerformYard

PerformYard’s selling point is the fact that it’s one of the cheaper performance management softwares available. Not only it provides performance management features, it’s also bundled with third party integrations with G Suite, Office 365 and others.

PerformYard is keeping their design simple and intuitive, but it lacks quirks like customizability and automation.

They charge $4 / user  / month.

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